A Shower Prosthesis May Be Right For You

Sep 9, 2019 | News

Maughan Prosthetic & Orthotic consistently helps patients reach their goals and improve their overall quality of life. One way that we are continuing to honor that commitment is the option for a waterproof shower prosthesis.

A shower prosthesis is designed specifically for use in the shower, but can be suitable for all water related activities: from swimming, to playing at the beach, but most importantly, bathing. They are easy to clean, durable, and are offered at a much lower price point than a typical prosthesis. Using a regular prosthesis while engaging in water activities can cause serious problems since moisture can damage the prosthesis and more importantly, cause issues for the residual leg.

A shower prosthesis takes away a lot of worry that could be associated with being in or around the water. It also allows patients to participate in a much wider range of activities with confidence. A shower prosthesis makes everyday activities much more possible, whether it be a beach day with the family, or even a rainy day working outside.

Perhaps the biggest benefit in having a waterproof shower prosthesis is use in the shower. Showering can be very difficult for amputees and presents a lot of challenges. Getting in and out of the shower invites some obstacles, as well as not being able to comfortably stand up. With a waterproof shower prosthesis, one can get situated and move about freely while showering, making the process way less stressful. Additionally, maneuvering around a slippery bathroom floor becomes a lot safer with a waterproof shower prosthesis.

For those who don’t own a waterproof shower prosthesis, here are a few simple tips you can do to make the bathing process more stress free:

-Get an adjustable and portable bench for showering as well as for getting in and out of the bath

-Remove and put back on prosthesis while sitting on bench to avoid having to hop across the bathroom floor

-Make sure the bathroom floor is dry to avoid any slipping

-Make sure all toiletries and towels are within reach before removing prosthesis

-Ask your care provider for additional tips regarding any other every day concerns

Without a waterproof shower prosthesis, it is also very important to take care of both the skin and the prosthetic leg. Here are some important pointers when facing wet weather conditions or any other incident where your prosthesis could potentially get wet:

-Having one or two extra prosthetic socks can ensure the sock is dry as moist conditions can be very harmful to the skin.

-Clean prosthesis daily

-Make sure to be aware of potential weather conditions

-Know the limits of your prosthesis to prevent any serious damages

If a waterproof shower prosthesis interests you, be sure to ask about it on your next visit, we will be happy to help!